Make Way Captain

Captain James Cook beached his ship, the Endeavour, for repairs in 1770 at a place we now know as Cooktown, named in his honour, in North Queensland.

Cooktown is rich in biodiversity, being close to three major ecocentres, with a large proportion of 3000 plant species more than 500 terrestrial vertebrates, with many being rare and unusual species.

Oh, did we mention snakes?

The popular tourist destination with a tropical climate which plays host to numerous heritage-listed sites, is crawling with slippery types, such as:-

• Front-fanged venomous

• Non-venomous

• Rear-fanged venomous

• Non-venomous constrictors

• File snakes

• Blind snakes

• Legless lizards

That’s where Jim Symes is in his element!

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