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Welcome to Garrards Pest Review, a trade magazine publication for the Pest Control Management Industry of Australia and New Zealand. First published in 1992 as a print magazine and distributed by Garrards. Now using updated technologies to digitally distribute the magazine for your safety and convenience during COVID-19.

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About Pest Review

Garrards commenced trading on the 26th April 1985.  Soon after, Chris Garrard started Garrards Bulletins (before computers were commonplace) which were collated, stapled, and folded to be mailed with the monthly statements. 

The first edition of Garrards Pest Review magazine was published in September 1992 and was 24 pages. The magazine has grown to over 56 pages.

Latest Edition Highlights

VectoPrime FG now available in Australia

Mosquito larviciding in many countries around the globe is generally based on short-residual biorational products using one of two active ingredients: Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis or (S)-methoprene. These larvicides can provide cost-effective solutions for control of single-brood floodwater mosquitoes. However, each of these active ingredients delivers optimal activity against different mosquito larval stages. As a …

Pest Review 2021 Vol 27 No 1

In this edition we look at: Watermarks on Carpets, Rodent Control Soft Baits, Pest Control Marketing, Termites in New Zealand and more The print edition has been printed and you should receive your copy. We will maintain our digital format along with print editions. We value your input and if you have any feedback or …


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